Ghana Catholics For The Poor

One of the problems of Africa is poverty. it is not easy to solve it and the help that is being received is not enough. It is always lacking and there are things that are not right. Being a Catholic makes someone proud because of the long history of the church. Many believe that it is the church that is established by Jesus. Many Catholics profess their faith to Mary and Jesus on the cross. They are very confident about Mary that they say she is also god.

But one of the main goals of the conference of Catholics here in Ghana is to help the poor. You can be able to find what was made as a decision and the plan that they had done so that the purpose could pursue. Ghana also has to have some of the resources that are available in others. Ghana is part of the continent where poverty is prevalent that is why poverty is one that the conference wants to address. How could it be done so that those who truly need them can get them?

Now as there is a centralized source of the decision and it could become faster. When there are many processes, it is not easy to do something. But if a guideline is issued then anyone knows what they are doing wherever they are. They can arrive at the same goal or conclusion as they clearly know something. There is a good system of the flow or process.