Conference Importance

In one small community, most of the people know each other. They know who is the mother of the child which is the granddaughter of someone and relative to another. In short, they know each others family tree. Because of that, they can easily relay messages to each other and could help each other. They also know where someone works and so if someone will visit, they know exactly where they are. This is also a good thing because they can make decisions for themselves.

It becomes complicated when it is in the city and people do not know their neighbor. There must be something that is used to organize all and work in a systematized way so that there could be an order. It is also the same in the Catholic faith. There are many Catholics in one city and around one country and so there should be a gathering so that the things that should be done by all are sent to others. A communication of the message is important.

As there are many leaders in different areas in one country, they can also implement their own rules. It should not be as there should be unity of one faith. That is why the organization was established so that the Catholic in Ghana can have one faith that has its standard. There is a basis for a specific concern so that there could be no disagreement of handling one case. Also, the practice of the faith has unity.